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Charges dismissed against Lawrence woman in 2008 shooting after judge finds insufficient evidence

April 12, 2011


Charges filed against a 21-year-old Lawrence woman in connection with a 2008 shooting were dropped after a judge found Tuesday there was not enough evidence presented against her at a preliminary hearing.

After one witness and Stephen Patterson, who was shot that day, testified that they did not remember specifics about the events, Douglas County prosecutors did not ask District Judge Paula Martin to bind Asia Shanae Morrison over for trial. Morrison had faced aggravated battery and aggravated robbery charges related to the April 2008 shooting of Patterson.

“Ms. Morrison maintained her innocence from the beginning, and the evidence today and last week just proved that that was the case,” defense attorney Carl Folsom said.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Allen did ask Martin to order co-defendant Dustin D. Walker, 26, to face a trial on an aggravated battery charge, but Martin said she would rule on that later.

Patterson, 23, testified in Tuesday’s preliminary hearing that he was high after smoking PCP that day and said he only recalled waking up in the hospital. Patterson was shot in the left leg, and the bullet exited and became lodged in his right calf.

Patterson is currently in custody, accused of violating parole for 2009 convictions for drug possession, aggravated assault and battery.

Brandy Souza testified last week and Tuesday that she was in the apartment at the time of the shooting, but she didn’t remember much because of drug use.

Prosecutors earlier this year filed aggravated battery and aggravated robbery charges against Walker and Morrison for the April 22, 2008, shooting of Patterson at an apartment in the 2500 block of Redbud Lane.

Souza did testify that Morrison and Walker had come to Patterson’s apartment to pick up Morrison’s son, but Folsom said there was no evidence that Morrison knew what had occurred.

According to testimony last week, Walker told police that Patterson had a gun, charged him during an altercation in the apartment, and that the gun discharged during the struggle. He said he left the apartment and later learned Patterson had been shot. He also told police Morrison had already left the apartment during the struggle.

Defense attorney John Kerns argued Martin should dismiss the charges against Walker as well.

Walker faces a trial Monday as the defendant in an unrelated shooting that occurred Dec. 5, 2010, at South Pointe Apartments, 2310 W. 26th St.


Scott Morgan 6 years, 7 months ago

I have to agree with da Judge on this one. Read it over twice and now think I may have been involved :)

Me thinks torchin meth and PCP and a little less than full horsepower thought processing could lead to nobody knowing anything.

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