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40 years ago: Kasold Drive widening project decreasing lawns in right-of-way

April 12, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 12, 1971:

  • Raymond Nichols, executive secretary of Kansas University, sounded guardedly optimistic about the impact upon KU of the budget worked out by the 1971 legislature. “It won’t be fun, but we’ll get by,” Nichols said of the university’s funding. Lawmakers had decided to put back about $130,000 into the budget, which brought KU’s bankroll back up to approximately the same level of funding for the previous year. However, still hanging fire was a proposal to freeze all salaries of state employees. Lawmakers were set to vote on the freeze after returning from a ten-day recess.
  • The plan to widen and pave Kasold Drive was getting underway. A front-page photo shows some areas that had formerly been broad front lawns but which had now come under the bulldozer. The installation of a new storm sewer near the future southbound lane had left a deep bank in some areas and had approached as close as 20 feet to some of the houses.
  • The Lawrence area was homing in on a record-high temperature today. The highest ever on this date (as of 1971) was 88 degrees, recorded in 1930. The mercury had risen past the 80-degree mark by noon today and was headed toward a crest in the mid to upper 80s.


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