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100 years ago: Romance begun at KU ends in divorce court

April 12, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 12, 1911:

"Another college romance, fostered on the shady campus paths of Mt. Oread and the pilgrimage to the old wind-mill, has ended in tears and the divorce court. In Kansas City yesterday a divorce was granted to Mrs. Darlene Newby, daughter of Floyd E. Doubleday, manager of the mining department of the Central Coal and Coke Co. She was also awarded the custody of one year old Elizabeth. Mrs. Newby was a very popular student of Kansas University along in 1903 and 1904. While she was there she became acquainted with Oscar L. Newby, who had a shoe store in Lawrence. He immediately began paying court to her. Mrs. Newby -- Miss Doubleday she was then -- was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She was 'rushed' by many of the university boys, but her heart inclined to the young merchant. They were married here September 30, 1907. They lived together until October 13, 1909, when they separated, the wife returning home. In her petition Mrs. Newby said that her husband had abandoned her and refused to support her. Newby did not contest."


statesman 7 years, 1 month ago

So was divorce such a rare occurance in 1911 that it was newsworthy enough to generate a lengthy article such as this one? How times have changed!

Paul R Getto 7 years, 1 month ago

statesman: Relax. Muscular Sam and his minions will fix this soon.

Sarah St. John 7 years, 1 month ago


According to the stats I am able to find, the marriage & divorce stats for the U.S. in 1910 (closest year I could find) were as follows:

948,166 marriages 55,781 divorces

There are also rates-per-1000-population listed, but I am not sure how helpful that is. It seems to me that it should be rates-per-marriage. But I am not a statistician....

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