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25 years ago: Alley parking suggested to relieve Oread congestion

April 8, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 8, 1986:

  • Lawrence city commissioners were attacking the problem of parking in the Oread neighborhood. A planning staff report had outlined two ways to address the issue. The first was to clear the alleys of “junk, weeds and dilapidated garages,” because a typical alley in one block was reported to have room for 92 parking spaces. The second prong of the attack was to tighten parking requirements for expansion projects at already-existing converted multifamily residences. City staff planned to work with the Oread Neighborhood Assn. to choose a block as a “demonstration project” for the new alley-parking plan.
  • A recent spring storm had brought heavy rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning, and hail to northeast Kansas. No hail had been reported in Lawrence, but winds and golf-ball-sized hail had caused damage east of the city limits. Stan Zaremba, owner of Zarco Gas and Mini Mart, Rt. 3, Baldwin, said, “It was the worst I’ve ever seen around here. It was flooding everywhere.” A metal covering on the gas station’s roof had been torn off by the storm. Area farmers reported no hail or wind damage, but “it certainly came a lot faster and harder than we would have appreciated,” according to Roger Pine of Rt. 4. Southeast Kansas had suffered the most from the storm, which had brought baseball-sized hail and several reports of tornado sightings.


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