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100 years ago: Party-goers reclaim their confiscated wine from police vault

April 8, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 8, 1911:

  • "It was dry at the 'Con Club' feed last night. Oh, so dry. The fluid that made Milwaukee famous, together with a choice assortment of similar beverages, had been inopportunely seized by the hateful police just at the banquet hour. The silver and glass-ware were glittering in tempting array and the place cards were just being laid, when Chief Herd and his squadron descended unexpectedly upon 911 Mass. and unceremoniously emptied the refrigerator of at least eight quarts of Schlitz, six quarts of fine old wine, and forty-eight quarts of Pearl Springs whiskey. At least that was the quantity with which they reached police court. Before the banquet closed, some of the participants ripped the screening of the vault window at headquarters and recovered the six quarts of wine."
  • "The weather today is threatening but nothing has happened to discourage anyone. The wind was in the north this morning and blew a stiff breeze but it was not thought to be dangerous."
  • "Shall Lawrence have a play ground for children? That is a question that has been asked for some time. The various committees appointed to look the subject up met this afternoon in the director's room of the Y.M.C.A. and discussed the matter. Several plans were suggested but no conclusion was reached on any subject."


workinghard 7 years ago

Reporter must be an early relative of smitty's.

workinghard 7 years ago

In fact I'm surprised smitty hasn't already posted claims that this is when the YH conspiracy all started.

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