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100 years ago: Jail overcrowding leads to parole requests

April 7, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 7, 1911:

  • "What shall be done with the prisoners in the county jail? The jail is full to overflowing and the expense of feeding them is something terrible. Last month the feed bill for the jail was $701. This will break up the county. County Attorney Riling has asked Judge Smart to parole the county prisoners so far as jail sentences are concerned. This will enable the county to put them to work to work out their jail fines and costs. Unless this is done it means an endless expense on the part of the county. Mr. Riling is expecting an answer to his request every mail. The best interests of the county will be subserved by having this request granted."
  • "'We did not have any peaches last year,' said W. A. Pine this morning, 'but it looks as if we were to have our inning this year.' Then he showed a bunch of peach branches which were loaded with blossoms. Every one was well in the center and unless there is damage in the future there will be a big crop."


jackpot 7 years, 1 month ago

"Last month the feed bill for the jail was $701." How many horses did they feed?

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