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Wichita residents re-elect Mayor Carl Brewer

April 6, 2011


— Wichita residents overwhelmingly gave Mayor Carl Brewer another term, and chose three City Council members who support his plans for revitalizing the downtown area.

Unofficial results show the 54-year-old Brewer won 69 percent of the vote in Tuesday's election, defeating 52-year-old Darrell Leffew.

Voters also chose three city council members endorsed by Brewer: Pete Meitzner, James Clendenin and Jeff Longwell. Joshua Blick was the only candidate endorsed by Brewer who lost, to Michael O'Donnell.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Brewer says the vote shows that residents support his plans to revitalize downtown and continuing use of economic development incentives.


Sigmund 7 years ago

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The bottom line is those who wish to distort the comment count can arbitrarily change the "most popular" count and thereby diminish the visibility of other articles and those comments, and that is only the most obvious problem! Just another reason why the current site is becoming more and more irrelevant and is emblematic of growing mistrust of the Ljworld to accurately represent a variety of views, not just a few posters or those hackers wish it to reflect.

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