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Solid Waste Task Force to discuss city’s trash, recycling operations

April 6, 2011


A newly appointed city task force will begin working Thursday to develop a recommendation on how the city’s trash service should operate.

The city’s Solid Waste Task Force will meet at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at City Hall to discuss options for how the city should operate its trash and recycling services. City commissioners have asked the group to look at issues including privatization of the city-operated service, a new curbside recycling program and the use of automated trucks that could require people to start using special plastic carts instead of standard trash cans.

The task force is expected to meet for the next several months to discuss the issues. The meetings are open to the public.


LogicMan 7 years ago

Solid Waste Task Force.

Yes, I remember when I was just a little tadpole, waking up each morning and saying to myself, "Gee, I hope I can serve on a Solid Waste Task Force someday!"

keepingfingerscrossed 7 years ago

If you need to save money why not leave soild waste the way it is going it is doing a very good job, you want to here the task force to say that it needs fix. You all are never satisfied with things that don't to be fixed you try and fix it. If your car is running good you don't fix it do you.

stevemarkcraig 7 years ago

I think the solid waste dept has problems which is not all there fault the real problem is the public works director which he won't back up supervisors he let's the city commistion run things he needs to find a new jod and let's hire someone like george williams who can work with the public and staff and get the job done so everyone can keep there job

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