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25 years ago: Museum horse undergoes rehabilitation after flooding accident

April 6, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 6, 1986:

  • Comanche, the battle-scarred horse in Kansas University's Museum of Natural History, was in need of some restoration. The stuffed horse had gotten soaked on March 6 when his museum display case had been accidentally flooded. In a strange sequence of events, a frozen specimen upstairs had slipped into a sink as it was thawing, switching on a water faucet while at the same time blocking the drain. Overflowing water during the night had flooded the floor and leaked downstairs. The museum's exhibits director had been hard at work since then, replacing the previous worn-out stuffing with a special non-acidic taxidermic clay.
  • In Houston, NASA was still forming its policy on future shuttle flights in the wake of the Challenger disaster. The shuttle program was to take a more "conservative approach," slowly rebuilding confidence lost after the Challenger had exploded in flight on Jan. 28. "I don't think we'll be as frisky as we were before," said an unidentified NASA engineer.


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