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Lawrence man gets nine years for robbing credit union

April 4, 2011


A judge Monday sentenced a 22-year-old Lawrence man to serve nine years in federal prison for robbing a Lawrence credit union last year, a U.S. Attorney’s office spokesman said.

U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia sentenced Timothy Hays after Hays pleaded guilty in January to one count of armed robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm during the July 12 robbery at KU Credit Union, 3400 W. Sixth St.

Prosecutors said Hays brandished a loaded firearm to a teller and demanded money before grabbing cash and leaving through the credit union’s front door, which is near Sixth Street and Kasold Drive. Lawrence police arrested Hays three hours later that day when officers discovered him in the area of the credit union.


Bob Forer 7 years ago

If you're poor and a minority, and steal a few hundred dollars, you get nine years. If you are white and middle-class, you can steal millions from KU and get less than half the time. Sol much for the land of equality.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

luckily for everyone, those who steal millions from KU aren't using weapons and intimidation. this guy could have accidentally pulled the trigger and killed someone.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

He's not just poor and a minority, he's a repeat offender. Save your sympathy for someone deserving of it.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

I never have, and don't expect that I ever will rob a bank, but I can guarantee that if I do, you will not find me in the vicinity of the crime even 5 minutes later, let alone 3 hours.

thesloss 7 years ago

He should have hired on then taken the money, Lew's direct report's style, much less time to serve.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Glad to see this one off the street.

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