Letters to the Editor

Stacked process

April 2, 2011


To the editor:

Dr. Doll, the Wakarusa families do not have a big “stupid” plastered on their foreheads. It was never about a $3 million budget deficit. You targeted Wakarusa for closure two years ago because you see no value in rural schools. We knew we were the target when you forced our principal to leave and took almost every staff member we had except the classroom teachers for the current school year.

You set up the task force to shut up the Wakarusa families and have us think there was true community involvement. Then you stacked the task force with the majority of members you could manipulate to go along with closing Wakarusa, so they could save THEIR schools in town and you could carry on your mission. It didn't matter that our school was the one that didn’t cost more to continue operating and that we were the one that, with boundary changes, could easily take on more students and solve the overcrowding in the schools in town.

At the Monday board meeting, you miraculously found $2.5 million, with closing Wakarusa filling out the additional $500,000 savings, and now we also magically have enough money to fund all-day kindergarten in two more schools! It’s too bad you don’t have a crying child you have to explain this to. Forgive me if my child doesn’t greet you with a smile. We are on to you!


Synjyn Smythe 6 years, 10 months ago

It was an amazing ruse, indeed! VOTE people!!!

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