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Officers responding to two-vehicle accident at Baldwin Junction

April 1, 2011


Two cars have been involved in a rollover accident at Baldwin Junction.

Emergency crews were dispatched about 11:40 a.m. Friday to the intersection of U.S. Highways 59 and 56. According to Douglas County emergency dispatchers, two people were either not injured or suffered minor injuries in the crash.


buckjennings 3 years ago

the new highway should of been built 20 years ago but im sure there was a spotted tree frog that we had to protect first. i hope the victims are okay theyll be in my prayers


KB824 3 years ago

I drove by this accident this morning on my way from Baldwin to Lawrence. It wasn't exactly at the intersection but down Hwy 56 a few feet past the new overpass, just about where the service road is. I'm glad to hear there were only minor injuries and nothing serious.


fan4kufootball 3 years ago

It seems like since they made that intersection a four-way stop the number of accidents has declined.


Beth Bird 3 years ago

I went through this intersection the other day coming North from Ottawa. There was a truck and trailer driving west from Baldwin towards Overbrook. They did not stop at all - never slowed down - nothing. They barreled through the intersection at 60+ miles per hour. Thank goodness that I saw them coming but I was concerned about the people south-bound towards Ottawa because they were not able to see the truck coming. It is a dangerous intersection.


OonlyBonly 3 years ago

The intersection is safe. It's the drivers who aren't!


kseagle 3 years ago

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Judgesmails 3 years ago

Will they ever make this intersection safe??

How many accidents and tragedies need to happen?


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