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Vuvuzelas making a comeback

September 30, 2010


— The Commonwealth Games could end up sounding an awful lot like the football World Cup.

Vuvuzelas, the long plastic horns that created a constant din — and plenty of debate — at games during this year’s World Cup in South Africa, are on sale in New Delhi, and they have been selling steadily ahead of the Oct. 3-14 games.

“There is a lot of demand for the vuvuzela. A lot of demand,” said Suresh Kumar, the chairman of Premier Brands, the Indian company in charge of merchandising at the Commonwealth Games. “We have sold more than 12,000 pieces.”

Loved by some and despised by others, the vuvuzela was a constant topic of conversation in South Africa. While the South African football fans embraced the atmosphere it helped create at games across the country, many broadcasters and viewers from abroad complained that the drone disrupted the enjoyment of watching games on television.

The debate hasn’t deterred Commonwealth Games organizers in the Indian capital, where 50,000 vuvuzelas were imported from China for the event.


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