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LifeStar helicopter called to injury accident southwest of Douglas County Fishing Lake

Emergency crews clear the scene of a rollover accident on N. 375 Road southwest of Douglas County Fishing Lake on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Emergency crews clear the scene of a rollover accident on N. 375 Road southwest of Douglas County Fishing Lake on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

September 29, 2010, 4:34 p.m. Updated September 29, 2010, 5:52 p.m.


1700 block of N. 375 Road
One injured in rollover accident near Baldwin City

Two others were treated and released at the scene. Enlarge video

A LifeStar helicopter was called to the scene of an injury accident northeast of Baldwin City Wednesday afternoon.

The single-vehicle rollover accident happened about 4:20 p.m. in the 1700 block of N. 375 Road near the Douglas County Fishing Lake.

One person was flown to the hospital via LifeStar, and another was treated and released at the scene.

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password 7 years ago

Pic caption: Sept. 29th is today not Thursday.

wmathews 7 years ago

Thanks for catching the mistake! The caption is correct now.

Whitney Mathews Online Editor

riverdrifter 7 years ago

At the Counts farm near Coleman's dell. Winding little piece of road with a couple of narrow bridges.

Dixie Jones 7 years ago

wow,i sure feel sorry for the family who are looking at the LJW reading this story and see their loved ones van smashed in and lifestar in the headline..... Come on did ya have to put the picture? use some better judgement here LJW. Prayers to the people involved in this accident and i hope that all is not seriously injured.

tiredofcrazies 7 years ago

peachesncream thank you for your concern. I'm very close to the family and they were well aware of the accident prior to the pic being posted. this is a situation of a drunk driver boyfriend and drunk girlfriend driving with a 10 yr old in the van. thankfully he was wearing his seat belt, because neither adult was. they're both idiots and if her exhusband is worth a penny he'll take custody of his children and keep them away from either of them.

alonensurrounded 7 years ago

If the ex husband is worth a penny?? Obviously you aren't that close of a friend of the family or else you would know if her ex husband was worth anything, or whats going on with the kids. Don't bring the kids into this. IF you were smart and considerate you would never post anything like that to where her kids could get online and read it, since they are old enough to get on the internet. I AM family, you don't know if she was drunk or not all you are doing is assuming, maybe you should leave the kids or the ex out of this and mind your own business.

tomuchtalk 7 years ago

Tiredofcrazies Im not sure how you are close to the family but if you really cared you wouldn't be pointing any fingers. I dont think you really know the situation at all, how do you know who was wearing their seatbelt? I think before point fingers you might want to look in the mirror. Assuming only makes an ASS out of you and me which is why I'm not assuming so that makes you the ASS. I think the worst thing the exhusband could do would be to take the kids away from their mom because they need her more than they need him. Get a life and butt out of family business. We as family members would greatly appreciate it!

alonensurrounded 7 years ago

you know, for such a "close family friend"....not thinking the family likes you that much.

kcmo 7 years ago

for those who do not know the people involved should really keep the rude comments to yourselves. you have no idea what these people are going through. I know the family involved and the situation. To say her exhusband should take the kids away is just rude! So, i say if you don't know these people well, and what they are going through you should keep your rude negative comments to yourselves and let them deal with this themselves!!

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