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RNC Chairman Michael Steele campaigns for 4th District candidate

September 28, 2010


— Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele was in Kansas on Monday urging people to help the GOP take back Congress in November.

Steele was stumping for GOP candidate Mike Pompeo, who is running for the 4th District Congressional seat held by Republican Todd Tiahrt. Steele spoke to nearly 200 supporters at the Pompeo campaign headquarters in Wichita, urging them to vote for Pompeo and in the process oust House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“It is going to send a message around the country: It is time for the people’s change,” Steele said.

The RNC boss is in Kansas as part of a national “Fire Pelosi” bus tour aimed at rallying Republican efforts to take control of the House.

“We are stronger when we are united,” Steele told the cheering crowd.

Pompeo faces Democrat Raj Goyle in November for a seat Republicans have held since Tiahrt defeated then-Rep. Dan Glickman in 1994. Tiahrt chose not to seek re-election so he could run for the U.S. Senate. He lost the GOP primary to fellow Rep. Jerry Moran.

Steele urged the audience to vote for all GOP candidates in Kansas, including Sam Brownback, a conservative Republican who is running for Kansas governor instead of seeking another term in the Senate.

“So don’t screw it up — it is too important,” Steele said.

Pompeo told supporters that to improve the economy, the U.S. needs to reduce regulations and taxes and cut government spending.

“We aren’t growing jobs like we need to and we know the challenge is enormous and we know that the federal government is an enormous part of the problem,” Pompeo said.

Goyle’s campaign said Pompeo is most interested in playing the blame game and aligning with professional politicians. The campaign cited a 2003 interview in which Steele reportedly said there is “a legitimate business purpose to outsourcing.”

“America lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008 in large part due to failed Republican economic principles,” Kansas Democratic Party executive director Kenny Johnston said in a news release. “On behalf of those whose jobs were lost due to the economic downturn, I ask Mike Pompeo to inform voters just what his plans are to promote job growth in the 4th District.”


Centerville 7 years, 6 months ago

Oops. Raj just busted for snipping together parts of a Pompeo speech. These libs keep forgetting that we have video recorders, too.

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