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40 years ago: Numbering scheme devised for county roads

September 26, 2010


Douglas County commissioners accepted a plan to place number signs on all county roads. East-west roads were to be numbered in the 400 series, with numbers increasing towards the south. North-south roads would be numbered in the 1000 series, increasing toward the east. The estimated cost of the project was $6,000, and between 300 and 500 signs were expected to be needed.

An advertisement suggested that if you were getting an early start on your Christmas shopping, you could buy the “Official Spiro Agnew Watch” at Richardson Music Co., 18 E. 9th Street, for $14.95 including gift wrapping.

Furthermore, if you and your family were casting about for ideas for a night out, you could go to the Holiday Inn at 2309 Iowa: “Every Friday Night: Spaghetti, Chef Salad, Garlic Bread. $1.50 with Checkered Tablecloths by Candlelight.”


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