Three moves: Triceps

Personal trainer offers tips to tone triceps

The skull crusher: Lie on the floor or a bench. Hold a dumbbell with both hands straight over your chest

Chris Rhoad, personal trainer and owner of Morph Training in Lawrence, says the majority of his clients are females between the ages of 35 and 75. And, they all seem to have the same concerns.

“The most brought-up problem areas are hips, thighs, butt, stomach and arms,” he says, “but, particularly, the back of the arms.”

Flabby upper arms are a big reason many women over 40 are loathe to wear sleeveless, let alone strapless styles.

“For women, it’s an area where you deposit fat. It’s more obvious as you get older, and it hangs because of the extra weight,” Rhoad says. “It’s an area that women really get irritated with and want to help tighten and tone up.”

To that end, Rhoad recommends the following three exercises to be performed three times a week, twice weekly for beginners.