Letters to the Editor

Small change

September 20, 2010


To the editor:

In response to the letter regarding the “Scary Kochs” and their funding of think-tanks that promote liberty and smaller government, that is small change compared to the funding of studies which advocate for statism and bigger government. According to Forbes, the Kochs have spent around $250 million on charities, think-tanks and political campaigns over a 10-year period. Meanwhile, a Google search reveals that the yearly budgets of the NSF, EPA and NIH are $6,870 million, $10,020 million and $31,200 million, respectively.

Government-funded studies are hardly neutral and without an agenda. When was the last time an NSF-funded study didn’t advocate for more government power, spending or both? When it comes to funding sources, supporters of liberty are vastly overpowered by the massive resource advantage of statism. What should be scary to Mrs. Grant is not that the Kochs are using their own money to promote liberty, but that the government is using her money to promote itself.


Jimo 7 years, 2 months ago

"Government-funded studies are hardly neutral and without an agenda."

Indeed, the National Institutes of Health are very much anti-disease and pro-innoculation! Luckily, we have the Kochs to balance this with their own agenda - health for billionaires, self-help for disease, illness and suffering.

Blessed are the billionaires for they shall inherit tax cuts.

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