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Book review ‘Sweet Treats’ a fun read for friends

September 20, 2010


“Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes” by Lisa Greenwald is a sweet book about three dysfunctional best friends, Kate Bailey, Olivia Feiler and Georgia Chen. Ever heard the phrase “three’s a crowd”? These girls give meaning to that phrase.

The trio know one another since they’re neighbors in their apartment building. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year they want to go to school, but to their disappointment, there is a blizzard and, therefore, no school.

Georgia, Kate and Olivia are hanging out at Georgia’s house, so Georgia’s mom enlists the three of them to help make fortune cookies at the restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Chen own in the apartment building.

The three girls get to both write the fortunes and bake the cookies, and soon, Olivia comes up with the ingenious idea to hand out fortune cookies to everyone in the apartment building.

Originally, Olivia, Kate and Georgia want to help the other residents get to know each other better, since everyone’s stuck inside and they don’t have much to do. By the end of the book, the three girls have gotten to know each other better as well and have a stronger friendship than before.

This book is appropriate for girls from fifth to eighth grade. It will be available in November from Amulet Books.

Naomi Grant is an eighth-grader at Southwest Junior High School.


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