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40 years ago: City starts dumping waste in controversial landfill

September 20, 2010


Although federal officials had deemed it illegal, the city of Lawrence was scheduled to begin dumping trash in the controversial new landfill site on the North Lawrence Flood Control Levee. “We are in real trouble on space,” said City Manager Buford Watson, and the assistant city manager added, “We have no other alternative.” The city did not yet have a permit to operate the landfill, but the site on Drag Strip Road was rapidly filling up. Watson pointed out that the city was producing 90 tons of garbage per day “and we’ve got to do something with it.”

A questionnaire, developed by the American Hospital Association and given to nearly 500 adult patients at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, revealed that patients overwhelmingly approved of the hospital’s service, personnel and accommodations.

Craig Cyr, 11, of Baldwin, had been suspended from school because his hair was too long to comply with the dress code. The sixth-grader’s parents had filed a suit, saying that the dress code violated their son’s rights under the U.S. Constitution.


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