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Fort Leavenworth hosting ethics forum with Command and General Staff College Foundation

September 17, 2010


— Army leaders and the Command and General Staff College Foundation are gearing up for the second annual symposium on military ethics this fall.

The event will be held Nov. 15-17 at Fort Leavenworth, home of the Command and General Staff College, and is co-sponsored by Wichita-based Flint Hills Resources.

This year's topic is "Exploring the Professional Military Ethic." It will include exploration of corporate ethical issues as a means to compare, contrast and learn from each area.

The General Staff College Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the education and training of military officers studying at the school located in northeast Kansas.


ShePrecedes 3 years, 7 months ago

  1. The last people I will idolize are those that are masters of war !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Where were these masters of war on 9-11-01? Sleeping?????

  3. I KNOW ! a three star general "contracted" with a stewardess, took that contract home to his wife, and that viral contract eventually killed (!) her.

  4. There is child porn flowing around the computers of these "masters" of war. I am not! sorry if I see these slimy, criminal (!!!) masters of war as the slime they are.

  5. When was the last time these "masters of war"actually defended the US Constitution from threats? They were certainly sleeping while the Patriot Act, doublespeak for something opposite of what it actually is. They should have taken up arms and defended our US Constitution at that moment and that bill. Nope, they let it pass without any protest at all.

  6. I was given a stock answer to my expression of now-common sentiments that these masters of war are no longer honorable, that they protected my freedom of speech. Just when has that been that they have actually fought for that American right. Have not seen it in my lifetime. have you?

  7. Get religion completely out of the military.

  8. Uncle served. Father in law served. Uncle was drafted because his family was poor. Father in law volunteered because there was once a good reason to volunteer. I honor these men. I no longer honor the ones that serve today. My eyes are open and I don't consume mainstream sentiments propagandized by the US mainstream media.

  9. Attack as you see fit. But you will be diminished in my eyes and in those who actually think like me, those who think on their own (a rare quality these days of prozac and PTSD).


Paul R Getto 3 years, 7 months ago

SP: "And I didn't illegallly invade a country across the sea, so I am far more honorable." === Not sure I follow that one. The soldiers did what they were told and served well. I was against the illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq too, but that's the fault of politicians, not the military.


Brandon Devlin 3 years, 7 months ago

"They volunteered to do something in exchange for money." Ah yes, the vast majority of our Armed Forces are making out like bandits, aren't they?

I love that it's the military that is charged with protecting the rights of crackpots to make comments like what ShePrecedes is spewing. . .


ShePrecedes 3 years, 7 months ago

. Like Ft leavenworth has a well-spring of ethics concerns themselves.

  1. The Religious Right scandal that has hit the DOD and all our armed forces is really challenging the public face of all our armed forces, even at Ft. Leavenworth. Downward Christian Soldiers! Go back to where you came from, in sweet Hades.

  2. Child Porn!! Then we see that there was 250 computers at the Pentagon that stored child porn on them. So pervasive in the halls of the Pentagon was the shocking, criminal activity that the Pentagon stopped investigating it, because it was over-whelming them. You think child porn is not at Ft. Leavenworth? You are mistaken. It most certainly is. And at Ft. Riley too.

  3. Maybe those Ft. Leaven worth officers should keep their members inside their marriages as well. Having grown up in that area with breasts that drew attention, I know it is a problem there.


Paul R Getto 3 years, 7 months ago

Sounds like an excellent idea. Our warriors are brave, skilled and involved in new attempts at nation-building and insurgency oppression that are unprecedented. We are learning new ways to fight. Now, if we can just send them to fight in the 'right' places.


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