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Holland, Brownback spar over federal bailouts

September 15, 2010


— Democrat Tom Holland is trying to gain ground in the Kansas governor’s race by linking the Republican nominee, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback, to federal financial bailouts. Brownback’s campaign contends that Holland is distorting the senator’s record.

The issue flared anew when a Brownback aide told The Topeka Capital-Journal on Monday that the Holland campaign was spreading a “falsehood” about the senator, while Holland’s camp accused Brownback of trying to confuse voters with “weasel words.”

The two candidates had sparred over bailouts during a debate Saturday at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson.

Holland is criticizing Brownback over a July 2008 vote for a bill allowing a $200 billion bailout of federal mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Brownback voted for the measure that allowed the U.S. Treasury to extend credit and buy stock to help the mortgage firms.

“My opponent, Sam Brownback, has never balanced a budget in Washington,” said Holland, a state senator from Baldwin City. “He’d be more than happy to spend your money.”

Brownback responded that he later supported restrictions on the mortgage enterprises in May 2010 as part of an effort by Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain. That effort failed, but Brownback said the vote demonstrated his opposition to this type of federal assistance.

“To get the record straight,” Brownback said during the debate. “I voted against the bailout.”

Brownback and Holland are vying to replace Democrat Gov. Mark Parkinson. Also on the November ballot are Libertarian Party candidate Andrew Gray and Reform Party nominee Ken Cannon, neither of whom were at Saturday’s debate.


HMcMellon 7 years, 9 months ago

Brownback cannot hide that he has been in bed with the multi-national corporations that have controlled the Senate during most of his tenure. Just look at all the money he is spending on television ads! It is obvious that the same corporate interests that bankrolled him during his Senate career are bankrolling him in the Governor's race. I hope people can see through this and read between the lines when his commercials play over and over between now and the elections. Brownback's loyalty has never been to the people of Kansas. His loyalty is to the mostly foreign-owned corporate powers and to his personal goal of increasing the power of government to control our minds, bodies and lives. Thanks to Brownback and others in Congress, nearly all our tax dollars now go into the pockets of the war profiteers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance conglomerates, energy giants and other big corporate interests that receive the massive subsidies and no-bid contracts that Brownback helped push through the Senate. These same corporate interests, who are again funding Brownback's campaign, will soon also own the Kansas Governor if we let them. We will all be subjugated to Brownback's big-government, theocratic-socialist agenda if we allow the all this out-of-state corporate money that is flowing into his campaign influence our vote.

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