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40 years ago: Child research wing of Haworth Hall dedicated

September 13, 2010


The child research wing of Haworth Hall at Kansas University was dedicated in honor of the late John T. Stewart II of Wellington. The facility was part of the Kansas Center for Research in Mental Retardation, which also included research structures at Parsons and Kansas City. The $648,453 structure housed about 25,000 square feet of classroom and laboratory space and was used primarily by the departments of human development and family life, speech and drama, and the Bureau of Child Research and the School of Education.

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kansanbygrace 7 years, 9 months ago

I think it's time to do a comprehensive piece on the amazing accomplishments of the Kansas Bureau of Child Research, the University Affiliated Facilities, the Lifespan Studies Institute, Special Education, Head Start, Follow Through, the combined research classrooms, and all the amazing scientific research in learning, education, therapies and rehabilitation that these resources have produced. In my opinion, their accomplishments are worth hundreds of times more than all the football or basketball ever played.

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