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Chamber of Commerce endorses Brownback

September 11, 2010


— The Kansas Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Republican Sam Brownback for governor.

Brownback, who’s currently a U.S. senator, said in a statement Friday he’s pleased to have the backing of the state’s largest business group.

Brownback’s Democratic opponent, state Sen. Tom Holland, says the chamber is an extremist lobbying group that favors cutting education funding. Holland had said in June he would neither seek nor accept its endorsement.

The chamber opposed legislation this year increasing the state’s 5.3 percent sales tax to 6.3 percent, arguing it would hurt the economy. Holland and other Democrats said the increase was needed to prevent severe cuts in public school funding.


texburgh 7 years, 7 months ago

Not only did they oppose the tax increase, the supported a bill to repeal the corporate income tax which would result in massive service cuts or a transfer of the tax burden to individual income or residential property taxes, they opposed fines for businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants, they opposed efforts to clean up the sales tax exemption mess, and they opposed efforts to eliminate waiting lists for disabled Kansans who can't get services due to budget cuts. The Kansas Chamber is a hyper-partisan organization that has not endorsed a Kansas Democrat since 2006 (only three back then) even though local chambers are giving Democrats in the Kansas House 100% voting records ( see Overland Park, for example) and the statewide organization for local chambers and many businesses fed up with the KCC - the Kansas Economic Progress Council gives all but one House Democrat an A or B pro-business rating. If the KCC says "Brownback" that's a good enough reason to vote Holland.

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