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40 years ago: Architectual plans for city library expected soon

September 10, 2010


About half the local corn crop had been harvested, and yield estimates were varied. James Faulkner, manager of the Baldwin grain Co. elevator, said that yields were down no more than 40 percent.

The temperature in Lawrence had plummeted 49 degrees, from a high of 98 to a low of 49, from mid-afternoon the previous day. The change was followed by .44 of an inch of rain and high winds which brought down tree limbs in several sections of town.

In national news, recent hijackings of four airliners were causing the Pentagon to give serious thought to placing military guards aboard international U.S. flights. However, the Defense Department was “very reluctant to become involved in what was essentially a civilian matter,” according to a Pentagon spokesman.

Architects for the new Lawrence City Library were expected to begin making the working drawings for the future building at the corner of Seventh and Vermont.


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