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25 years ago: Carpenters injured in collapse of warehouse framework

September 5, 2010


Five carpenters were injured when the framework of a warehouse being built at Century Homes Co. Inc., 640 N. Ninth, collapsed in a gust of wind. The workers had just finished setting the trusses for the 60-by-200-foot warehouse when the wind suddenly changed direction, and a gust from the south caused a “domino effect,” collapsing the framework from one end to the other.

An accident involving a semi-tractor trailer truck overturning on the West Lawrence turnpike interchange caused about 5,000 gallons of gasoline to be spilled. Lawrence firefighters worked for 11 hours at the site, using sand to contain the spill, spraying foam on the gas to keep it from igniting, and pumping the mixture back into a second truck. The area was then flooded with water to help disperse the gasoline that had seeped into the ground.


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