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100 years ago: New roller coaster tested

September 5, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Sept. 5, 1910:

“The test of the new roller coaster at Woodland Park yesterday was marred by two slight accidents. Neither was serious, and did not deter the clamor of the crowd which stood at the entrance and fought for a place in the little joy cars.... The parents of Herman Schellhorn have sent him to Dr. Goddard’s Evergreen hospital at Leavenworth for treatment and hope for rapid improvement. Young Schellhorn had been working for about six years upon mechanical services to secure perpetual motion and the strain was too much for him.... A monument to the memory of those soldiers who fell from Co. H in the Spanish war, will soon appear in beautiful Oak Hill cemetery. The monument will delineate a soldier in the fatigue uniform of the camp. On one face of the pedestal will be chiseled the names of those members of Company H who did not return when the regiment was mustered.... When Col. Roosevelt reached the hotel [in Fargo, N.D.] where he was to sleep tonight, he found one hundred little girls waiting for him. They were sitting on the floor in the hotel parlor and every little girl had a Teddy bear in her arms. Some of the children were so little that they were almost hidden by the Teddy bears. As soon as the colonel approached they chorused: ‘Welcome Teddy Roosevelt,’ at the same time lifting the Teddy bears in salute. ‘Why, hello,’ said the colonel, ‘this is fine. Never in all the courts of Europe did I see anything like this.’”


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