Visit may strengthen China-North Korea ties

September 4, 2010


China today, Beijing, Sept. 1, on peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula:

During his second visit to China in four months, Kim Jong-il, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao which is expected to cast a far-reaching influence on peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and on future bilateral ties.

The two leaders have sent two messages to the world. First, they have agreed on an early resumption of the Six-Party Talks to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Second, they have pledged to strengthen the traditional China-DPRK friendship and lead it to more extensive cooperation. ...

Beijing and Pyongyang have expressed the desire to maintain high-level contacts, deepen economic and trade cooperation, reinforce strategic coordination, and enhance mutual communication. Indeed, greater economic capacities, once available, would allow the DPRK to more effectively guarantee its national interests _ to deliver more rapid progress in its people’s livelihood and to play a more important part in the world. Viewed in this perspective, it is of even greater practical importance to restart the Six-Party Talks at an earlier date, and to effectively remove the deadlock to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. After all, in conflicts and disputes, nothing else, and worst of all saber rattling, can be employed as a useful solution. ...

China defines its best interest: It is genuine goodwill — one that wishes for peace and economic progress for the neighboring DPRK and other communities in Northeast Asia, rather than one of confrontation or military domination.

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