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Lawrence lauded as a good place for triathlons

Iron 70.3 credited with putting city on map of triathletes’ favorite places

Chrissy Wellington celebrates after winning the women's division of Sunday's Ironman 70.3 Kansas.

Chrissy Wellington celebrates after winning the women's division of Sunday's Ironman 70.3 Kansas.

September 3, 2010


Lawrence is the place to pedal. And, evidently, run and swim too.

Lawrence tops list of triathlon towns

Lawrence was named the best triathlon town in the country by a triathlon website. Lawrence has hosted the Kansas Ironman competition the past few years. Enlarge video

In its upcoming October edition, names Lawrence as its top “Tri Town” in the U.S.

The publication says Lawrence is a haven for triathletes, and cites everything from Don “Red Dog” Gardner’s community workouts to the city’s reputation as a bike-friendly community with some of the “nation’s most considerate motorists.”

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But Lawrence tourism leaders said the success of the three-year old Ironman 70.3 Kansas event has been what’s put the city on the triathlon map.

“The Lawrence event has become a big draw,” said Bob Sanner, director of sports marketing for the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau.

This year the event attracted about 2,200 athletes, with participants from all 50 states. The race is expected to get a major boost in 2011 when the Ironman circuit increases the total prize purse to $75,000, up from $25,000, said race organizer Ryan Robinson.

Robinson said he expects participation in the event to grow to at least 2,500 racers.

“It is a cliché, but I really think the success has been because of the people,” Robinson said. “Everybody who comes here just talks about the city and how easy it is to have a good time and enjoy themselves.”

Lawrence also recently landed on another national Top 10 list for quality of life issues. included Lawrence as one of its 10 “Most Livable Bargain Markets.” The report ranked communities on factors including low unemployment, short commute times, and the number of cultural and recreational opportunities.

The publication touted Lawrence as a city that “battles against sprawl and discourages the development of strip malls and drive-through restaurants.” The Lied Center, the Lawrence Arts Center and Clinton Lake also all get positive attention.

Lawrence was joined on the list by several Midwestern cities, including Ames, Iowa, Lincoln, Neb., and Sioux Falls, S.D.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

Along with the triathlons, the NCAA bicycling championships of a couple years back, and the Tour of Lawrence bike races of the last two years have also contributed to this developing reputation. These are events that attract visitors who have money, and don't mind spending it when they get here. They are also largely staffed by volunteers and require minimal expenses by local governments, so the net economic gain to the city is pretty significant.

christy kennedy 7 years ago

True, true, Bozo. All GREAT events. Superbly organized. Fun to watch, fun to volunteer for. And it's very cool that the organizers, the Gardners, and the community are receiving recognition for it all.

MyDogHoudini 7 years ago

"Nation's most considerate motorists"? Really? I think we should put that to a J-World vote.
I've lived a lot of places and would not rank Lawrence in the top half on the "considerate motorists" scale.

Evan Ridenour 7 years ago

I agree, Lawrence is actually maybe in the bottom 3 of anyplace I have ever been as far as having "considerate motorists."

Some of these rankings are sheer bullocks.

AZNBEAST 5 years, 5 months ago

I'm sure most of the Bike riders aren't riding down Tennessee and Kentucky, but more so in west Lawrence on the wak and Clinton parkway as well as the west most part of K-10(Traffic-way), where it is indeed very biker friendly. Just hopefully they are not riding at night, i will admit i almost took one out a week ago after a late softball game.

1029 7 years ago

Do a triathlon on acid and you've joined the elite specimens of humankind. That is probably as intense as life gets. In the end people shake your hands and give you high fives and you're just glad that you're not dead. So awesome.

Miles Nease 7 years ago

How could this be? According to the complainers who hang out here, Lawrence and KU suck.

royalpain 7 years ago

According to the USAT:

Average income of a triathlete: $126,000


These people come to town with disposable income. Maybe we need a few more triathlons here?

mrjcg2 7 years ago

Good for Triatlhons, maybe not so good for football.....

mdrndgtl 7 years ago

I enjoy a nice triathlon as long as it's consensual and we've all agreed on a safe-word.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Isn't it nice to know that Lawrence can in fact increase its economic growth with such an event without blowing $20,$40,$60 or maybe $100 million tax dollars on new athletic structures. Yes this event most likely pays for itself over and over and over.

Spending $20,$40,$60 or $100 million tax dollars on new athletic structures may never pay back the taxpayers because WE are in a deep hole from the beginning.

This triathlon and our bicycle competition do well for Lawrence using those wonderful existing resources that which are paid for. Thank you very much.

So it seems to me spending $20,$40,$60 maybe $ 100million tax dollars on new athletic structures which may never pay back the taxpayers is fiscally reckless. Why are the powers that be so irresponsible?

Again this triathlon and our bicycle competition do well for Lawrence using those wonderful existing resources that which are paid for. Thank you very much.

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