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100 years ago: Breadmakers’ loaves weighed and found wanting

September 3, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Sept. 3, 1910:

“Believing that he has a claim to one-fifth the tract upon which Haskell Institute now stands, N. B. Blanton, one of the earliest pioneers in Lawrence, is back to seek redress. Mr. Blanton has no intention of trying to recover the property now occupied by the federal school, as there is no question of the flawless title of the government. But if the records will support his contention he will bring suit against the administrator of the original estate, with the object of forcing restitution of his share of the purchase price paid by the government for the land.... Lawrence breadmakers have not been weighing their loaves carefully, according to Dr. Crumbine. Six loaves were purchased from the various bakeries to see if they complied with the provision of the weights and measures law. According to pure food law a loaf of bread shall be two pounds in weight. Each loaf measured less than three quarters of a pound, and therefore should have been sold as half loaves.... Leona Strike and Barney Moore, who threw bricks at each other about 10 o’clock Thursday night, were arraigned in police court late yesterday afternoon. They professed to have been playing, and merely fighting for fun. Judge Menger was unwilling to argue the point, but stuck them $12 each for the pastiming.”


Practicality 7 years, 9 months ago

What on earth is "pastiming"? Is that just passing the time?

statesman 7 years, 9 months ago

Maybe an old time word for "playing" or "horsing around"??

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