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Shovel ready

Volunteering to shovel snow for people who are unable to handle the job for themselves is a great way to serve the community.

October 31, 2010


Friday morning’s freeze in Lawrence was a reminder that winter is on its way. In a normal Kansas winter, that means snow won’t be far behind and, with it, the need to shovel residential sidewalks.

It also means that the city of Lawrence is looking for a few good volunteers to help local residents who aren’t able to shovel for themselves.

In connection with tougher enforcement of the city’s snow shoveling ordinance, officials are ramping up the companion program that helps match volunteer shovelers with residents who need some help. Last year, the program attracted 52 volunteers to provide free shoveling services. Each of those volunteers was responsible for shoveling duties at one address in the city. With a total of 42 inches of snow in the city last winter, the shovelers got a workout.

It’s hard to predict what the snowfall will be like this winter, but the city wants to be ready by signing up even more volunteers. To that end they are reminding Boy Scouts and other youth organizations about the volunteer opportunity.

There are any number of Kansas University groups and other youth groups that could pitch in to help at least when school is in session. Taking a team approach to the job could make it even more fun for young volunteers.

Many neighbors step up to help shovel snow for elderly or frail residents, but for some people, the city’s more formal volunteer program is a godsend. It’s a great way for some healthy young people to get some good exercise while performing a service not only for homeowners but for pedestrians who use the sidewalks. We hope the city’s call for volunteer shovelers will draw a strong response.


Alceste 7 years ago

Maybe Lew Perkins and Mark Mangino will kick back some of their respective "severance packages" and assist? Nah......that'd be too much like right.....

Alceste 7 years ago

...for that matter, it would be a most neighborly thing for the very well paid Chancellor of the University of Kansas to do the same thing: She has state paid people doing her laboring for her and her three driveways.....Right? I rather doubt she or her hubby shall be going out and clearing any snow from the property they're given as an untaxed aspect of her "leadership" of a, now, Grade C public institution of "higher education".....she's already getting free trips to Korea....and she just got here! hahahahahahahahaha.....VERY funny stuff.....

grimpeur 7 years ago

I say we just stop plowing the streets so that nobody can complain that the plows cover their just-shoveled sidewalks. I you have the time to find unplowed streets and then sit in here and complain about them, then you have time to shovel your own street. Show me in the constitution where it says the word "plow." Plowing streets is just the nanny-state making us dependent on a healthy cuppa govermint teat to get to work in the morning.

Don't get me wrong, I likes me some govermint teat as much as the next guy (the cement and asphalt trucking biz is never far from it), but I don't need 'em to practically pram me to work each day like a helpless little onesie-swaddled thumbsucker who can't get to work 365/yr without some socialist program like snow plows.

Caesar_Augustus 7 years ago

When that snow plow comes barreling down my street and pushes all the snow back into my driveway.. yeah, the driveway my wife asked me to clean out so she could get her vehicle out, I take my small garden tractor and blade and push the snow right back out in the street. If they are going to push the snow into my driveway, I'm going to push it right back where it came from.

ralphralph 7 years ago

I tried to keep my grumpy mouth shut on this one, but ...

Keeping sidewalks cleared is part of the duty of owning property, no less than mowing the yard. If you can't do those things for yourself, you need to hire someone else who can. If you cannot afford to hire someone, and if you don't have family and friends to do it for you without forming a community project, then you probably need to sell your house and move into an apartment or assisted living facility.

.... that should win me some friends! But it's true.

Alceste 7 years ago

so sayeth the person in good health or with the greenback....ralphralph.....

ralphralph 7 years ago

So sayeth the person who has property and understands that he has to maintain it.

equalaccessprivacy 7 years ago

All these questionably"compassionate" but obviously hugely aggressive Kansans who have been stupidly and offensively raised to profile strangers and to scare the living pudding out of complete unknowns by approaching them on the street with mindless offers to do manual labor on this basis perhaps at least do a little bit of good for others during snow season?

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