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LifeStar helicopter transports Lawrence woman to KC hospital following incident near Redbud Lane

A Lawrence woman was taken to a Kansas City area hospital Sunday morning following a domestic altercation. The woman was transported via air ambulance.

October 31, 2010, 3:01 a.m. Updated October 31, 2010, 5:41 p.m.


A Lawrence woman was transported by air ambulance to a Kansas City area hospital Sunday morning following an incident near Redbud Lane.

According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Susan Hadl, the incident, which was believed to begin as a domestic altercation, took place about 1:50 a.m. Hadl said the incident involved two Lawrence women.

Mariah Cole was taken to the parking lot of Office Depot, 2525 Iowa St., where a LifeStar helicopter was waiting. Cole was unconscious with head and face injuries. She was transported to Kansas University Hospital with what was believed to be life-threatening injures. It was later determined that the injuries were non life-threatening. Officials at the hospital did not have any information about the patient.

Lawrence Police Sgt. Kirk Fultz said the patient's partner, Sierra Shawnee, has been arrested on charges of aggravated domestic battery.

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Sunny Parker 5 years ago

It's too bad Lawrence doesn't have a hospital

ctutgo 5 years ago

LMH is not a trauma center. Where you go depends on the injuries.

SeaFox 5 years ago

"Hadl incident involved two Lawrence women."

Proofreading, please!

Tim Quest 5 years ago

The solution is clear - drop a bomb on Redbud Lane. Nothing good ever comes out of there.

Zype 5 years ago

It's really too bad we don't have the technology to create bombs that can completely obliterate an area, but not do so much as singe anything beyond the designated destruction spot. We could get rid of all the people that aren't as important as us and that don't believe the same things or live the same lifestyles as us.

Tim Quest 5 years ago

Hey, looky, a Redbud Lane resident. Congrats on being able to pay your internet bill this month.

cayenne1992 5 years ago

You're really embarrassing yourself, especially since you're name is attached.

50YearResident 5 years ago

It was sure to come: Domestic Battery between two women! Times are changing......

average 5 years ago

Are you suggesting that women didn't get into fistfights 100, 1000, or 10000 years ago? Malarkey.

50YearResident 5 years ago

"Domestic Battery" has been traditionaly been between two people of opposite sex, and I am sure you know that.

ebyrdstarr 5 years ago

Domestic Battery has traditionally been between two people in a romantic relationship. Same-sex relationships have never been immune from abuse.

Cait McKnelly 5 years ago

Domestic battery can also be between a parent and adult child. If an 18 year old is still living at home with their parents and still getting the traditional slap around they got before they turned 18 it's domestic battery. Prior to that it's "parental chastisement" and the law does diddly squat.

JayCat_67 5 years ago

Maybe we could amend the constitution to state that "domestic violence shall only take place between one man and one woman." Anything not fitting this description could still be recognized as "highly localized civil unrest".

gracecountry62 5 years ago

Yes they have though in the times past most would be because a woman was having a affair with another woman's man big no no, seen this a lot in the ER but yes now it is domestic violence between the same sexes, Wow the world has really changed. Not sure about this incident .They are saying it is a domestic crime. Figure it out .

gracecountry62 5 years ago

Yes they have though in the times past most would be because a woman was having a affair with another woman's man big no no, seen this a lot in the ER but yes now it is domestic violence between the same sexes, Wow the world has really changed. Not sure about this incident .They are saying it is a domestic crime. Figure it out .

Paula Kissinger 5 years ago

Times haven't changed, 50. Women have been fighting each other forever, but "cracked" up women fighting is a different story. As for the has not evolved into the 21st century facility it should be...but what would you expect since it is owned by the city ? We need St. Luke's to come in here and drop a huge facility capable of trauma ER with an inpatient psych unit and other immenities the citizens need out south. It would be fantastic.

kernal 5 years ago

Hospitals owned by muncipalities will take all patients. Privately owned hospitals generally take only those with insurance and refuse uninsured patients.

Matthew Herbert 5 years ago

Redbud Lane sure does make it into the news a lot!

JayCat_67 5 years ago

I lived there over 20 years ago and it wasn't too bad. The apartments we lived in look like a slum now. Sad.

gracecountry62 5 years ago

With my past experiences within the ER ,we would majority of the time have the patient brought in for observation and have them stabilize then they would be care flight out from the helipad . In this case the judgment call from the official person seen that the injuries were life threatening at the moment as soon as the paramedics arrived. the life threatening level must of been extremely high to call for a care flight at the location. We had this happen once where I am from and we were a smaller hospital with only 3,000 in population we were near a major interstate so most were from accidents. When we did have a domestic incident or even a crime involving a shooting victim we always brought them in first to the ER stabilize the patient then have the care flight in route to nearest hospital for a trauma unit. Only once did I see us care flight from the location , it was because the person had broken his neck and parts of his back. That was serious enough care-flight . In all respect we never want to see a loved one having to be taken by care or life flight it is a serious situation . My regards to the family and prayers . I seen some pretty bad cases. Thank God for the care and life flight.

somebodynew 5 years ago

And grace - I can remember that is the way it USED to be here. Not anymore. I will leave it to others to debate why.

gracecountry62 5 years ago

This was in the 90's I realize things have changed thank God there is more tech to take them to the designated place , I do admit I no longer work in the ER and am thankful that there is the opportunity to have the Life flight there just in case I or my family are in need of their services. Oh yes this is back home in Texas so things are done a little different but should not be too different when it comes to a persons life that is the important thing. Oh yes one more thing do you supply the fuel .

gatekeeper 5 years ago

Yes, that is how it USED to be done. My sister had this kind of treatment when she was in a devasting wreck in '85 near Coffeyville, KS. She had severe head trauma, her face was gashed open, her cheekbones and jaw were shattered. They took her to the Coffeyville hospital to get her stabilized, which they couldn't do because they are a small town hospital and she was in really, really bad shape. When the life flight from Wichita finally got her at the hospital, she was almost gone. She did actually die once in transit and they brought her back from the brink. I almost lost my sister back then because they thought it was best to stabilize the patient first. Thank goodness for the wonderful crew on that life flight that saved her. They probably wouldn't have had to bring her back from the dead if they could have picked her up from the accident scene instead of getting her over an hour later.

We are very lucky to have great trauma centers close to Lawrence and thank goodness there are good paramedics that know when it's best to error on the side of safety and bring in the life flight choppers. A life can be gone in a second.

mypointis 5 years ago

I believe domestic violence would also include a mother and daughter. They don't necessarily have to be mates for it to be regarded as domestic violence.

sad_lawrencian 5 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

bigdave 5 years ago

sad_lawrencian (anonymous) says… The fact is that a few peaceful, law-abiding people DO live on Redbud Lane and, in fact, like it here

Very few!!!!

sad_lawrencian 5 years ago

So my comment got removed because I called a few people on here stupid? To be honest, I kind of expected this from the Lawrence newspaper mafia. That's fine. My comment was a fairly positive one about living on Redbud Lane. Wouldn't want to see positive comments about life in Lawrence on this website, would we? And the really funny thing is that the same people I called "stupid" henceforth showed up and started commenting! Oh well now I have to go. I don't have any more time to waste today going on this website. ("Waste" is a word I picked out on purpose to describe my opinion of this website and the newspaper attached to it.)

hartk678 5 years ago

I, too, live on Rebud. Moved in over a year ago to the Sunflower apartments. And I have no plans to move soon. When I moved in there was new carpet and new paint. And no where in Lawrence can you get a 2 bedroom apartment in a four-plex (or tri-plex or duplex) for this price. Plus, my neighbors in the building are great folks.

Everyone has to live somewhere. And, hey, I look at it this way: I don't own a TV and haven't needed to for the last year with all the activity that happens on this street. I'll also say I've never lived on a street as active as this one. People are constantly outside. And generally friendly. And to me the best part is that we don't all look alike. Every ethnicity. And income levels from poor to middle class.

bigdave 5 years ago

hartk678 (anonymous) says… I've never lived on a street as active as this one. People are constantly outside.

Ya selling crack!!!!!!!

Matthew Herbert 5 years ago

not owning a tv should decrease your chances of getting robbed. Good choice.

JayCat_67 5 years ago

Some new management must have cleaned them up. Last time I was through there, they were getting pretty run down. They were pretty nice and very reasonably priced when my roomate and I lived there. Good to know someone's fixing them up again.

passionatelibra 5 years ago

I live on Redbud in a quiet cul-de-sac. I'm surrounded by nice families and a few college students. Very friendly and culturally diverse block. Remember, there is good and bad in every neighborhood.

Besides, the article said near Redbud, not on it.

Dirtman24 5 years ago

Well maybe some folks on here with some of your psot should invest in a scanner.. According to mine it was LOCATED ON REDBUD LANE and not clear of weapon but a weapon was used and the woman was unconscious and airlifted to KU. B;unt force trama to the head was the nature.

Its pity folks rattle off at their mouths when having no clue of the nature of the incidents. Get a scanner then talk smack in my book. Well organized story LJworld.. Who cares what others say.... I all you all had a scanner you would see the THOUSANDS of calls to REDBUD LANE every night and sad the owners of the place don't shape it up more, sounds to me management enjoys it, but very PITIFUL of them..... I'll never move there that for sure!!!!!! In my book worse than BoardWalk Apartments.......

OldEnuf2BYurDad 5 years ago

" all you all had a scanner you would see the thousands of calls to redbud lane every night "

Wow. THOUSANDS of calls EVERY night.

Kontum1972 5 years ago

if they dont use that helicopter they will lose funding for it ..its not cheap to fly one of those.

Ricky_Vaughn 5 years ago

"As the snow flies On a cold and gray Chicago mornin' A poor little baby child is born In the ghetto "

BigPrune 5 years ago

Since we are to assume these two ladies are lesbians, shouldn't this be a hate crime?

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