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100 years ago: Sermon summarizes husbands’ faults

October 31, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 31, 1910:

“ ‘Husbands: Faults and Ideals’ was the last of a series of topic sermons on the home, which Dr. H. E. Wolfe has been delivering at the Methodist church for the last four Sundays. Material for his sermon was secured by addressing a series of questions to the feminine contingent of his flock and using their answers as a basis for a portrayal of husbands as viewed by their wives. The principal faults which wives recounted were lack of appreciation, selfishness, stinginess, and the spending of evenings away from home. Few husbands, they said, were to be found around the fireside in the evening, and it devolved upon the wife to do all the housework, and then keep the children amused and interested through a long winter evening. They also asserted that the average husband was too stingy; that early in married life they referred too frequently to ‘what mother used to do;’ that they were indolent about rising themselves in the morning, but once dressed expected breakfast to be prepared immediately, and had a tendency to make uncomplimentary remarks, if it were not promptly waiting. Many wives objected that their husbands did not seem to care about taking them places, or worse still, would never remain at home and care for the children, while the mother spent an evening out.”


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