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October 30, 2010


Troop 53 held its fall Court of Honor Sept. 27 at Christ Community Church. The meeting was opened by Senior Patrol Leader Trenton Shambaugh. Scouts earning Tenderfoot were William Benkelman, Alex Craig, John Eldridge, Dawachi Hooper, Nathan Koehn, Jonathan Lesslie, Tyler MacMurray, Kyle Sadosky and Justin Siler. Scouts earning Second Class were Marshall Griffin, Elliot Jess and Kyle Trompeter. Scouts earning First Class were Spencer Conard and Matt Meseke. Scouts earning Star were Alex Clabaugh, Ivan Davidson, Ethan Kallenberger, Matt Mitchell, Patrick Liston and Ryan Liston.

In addition many merit badges were awarded. Earning badges were: Adam Auer, environmental science, whitewater and canoeing; Connor Ballenger, camping, whitewater, canoeing and archery; David Balmilero, swimming, leatherwork and camping; William Benkelman, forestry and woodcarving; Joshua Burrichter, woodcarving; Brett Carey, citizenship in the community, lifesaving, reading, camping, environmental science and citizenship in the nation; Ross Chumbley, personal fitness, astronomy, climbing, shotgun, whitewater and citizenship in the community; Alex Clabaugh, personal fitness, backpacking, hiking and emergency preparedness;

Spencer Conard, astronomy, swimming, canoeing and camping; Dawson Conway, hiking and backpacking; Alex Craig, woodcarving; Jordan Cutell, hiking and backpacking; Ivan Davidson, environmental science and camping; Matthew Eagle, swimming and leatherwork; John Eldridge, woodcarving; Andrei Elliot, hiking and backpacking; Carson Gilliland, environmental science, whitewater, canoeing and camping; Marshall Griffin, geology and Indian lore; Connor Harman, shotgun, environmental science, whitewater and canoeing; Dawachi Hooper, basketry and woodcarving; Nat Hoopes, lifesaving, canoeing and camping; Josh Ideus, hiking and backpacking; Eliot Jess, leatherwork; Josh Kallenbach, rifle, canoeing, camping and wilderness survival;

Ethan Kallenberger, lifesaving, leatherwork, basketry, geocaching and camping; Nathan Koehn, basketry and woodcarving; Jonathan Lesslie, leatherwork and woodcarving; Patrick Liston, first aid, backpacking and hiking; Ryan Liston, first aid, hiking and backpacking; Tyler MacMurray, leatherwork and whitewater; Gabe Magee, rifle, environmental science, camping and coin collecting; Matt Meseke, rifle and environmental science; Matt Mitchell, swimming, weather and canoeing; Brian Morris, backpacking and hiking; Sean Morris, hiking and backpacking; Gabe Mullen, astronomy, geology and mammal study; Cole Overton, environmental science, whitewater and canoeing; Dillon Rowland, leatherwork;

Kyle Sadosky, woodcarving; Aiden Schaplowsky, rifle, lifesaving and camping; Ryan Schulteis, backpacking and hiking; Trenton Shambaugh, personal fitness; Patrick Shields, citizenship in the world, music, hiking and backpacking; Matt Siler, environmental science, leatherwork, whitewater and canoeing; Kyle Trompeter, orienteering; Anthony Van Schmus, Indian lore, environmental science, whitewater, archery and canoeing; Devin Van Schmus, swimming; Izaak Workman, astronomy, environmental science and rifle; and Connor Wyle, geology, Indian lore, canoeing and camping.

Three Scouts, John Hambleton, Josh Ideus and Ryan Schulteis, and two leaders, Wayne Ideus and Bill Schulteis, earned the Triple Crown Award for having been to Sea Base, Northern Tier Canoe Base and Philmont. 50 Miler awards went to Dawson Conway, Josh Ideus, Ryan Schulteis and Patrick Shields.

Also recognized were those who went to Philmont and earned the Duty to God and Wilderness Pledge while there. Campers from Camp Alexander were recognized with special recognition to those who completed the Blue Mountain Hike and Polar Bear Swim.

The Court of Honor was closed by new Senior Patrol Leader Brian Morris.


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