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Online resources for the 2010 general election

October 28, 2010


Election 2010

Find detailed candidate profiles, campaign finance information and complete election coverage in our Election Guide.


#lawrencevote tweets

This Tuesday voters will cast their ballots in the general election. We want you to be informed when you go to the polls, so our web staff has created the 2010 Elections section.

On you'll find:

  • Election news — The latest election headlines from local, state and national races
  • Straw polls — Vote for the candidate you think will win in each race
  • Ballot measure language — Read the questions in advance
  • Chat transcripts — We held live chats with 11 candidates
  • Poll finder application — Plug in your address and this Google Maps-based app gives you your polling location, links for voting in Kansas, absentee ballot info, and a list of the state and national candidates on your ballot. Try it out below.

Judges and ballot measures

Ballot measures wording can be confusing. We've posted the exact language of these questions for you so you can digest them in advance. Ballot measures this election include preservation of the right to bear arms, repealing the authority of the legislature to keep the mentally ill from voting and the Lawrence Public Library expansion proposal.

Do your research on judges, too. Head over to to see if the judges on your ballot have been recommended for retention.

Tag your tweets

We're monitoring the #lawrencevote hashtag for your election information. When you vote Tuesday, do a poll check and tweet it with the hashtag. We'll post your poll checks in our election day coverage. A poll check includes the following info:

  • Time of day
  • Poll location
  • Number of people who have voted

Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Google Map

Poll finder app


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