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100 years ago: Man selling indecent literature disturbing housewives

October 27, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 27, 1910:

“It was fortunate for a certain agent yesterday that the men were downtown, for otherwise he would undoubtedly have been thrown out in the street. The man was trying to sell a disgusting article and the literature which he was displaying was indecent. At many homes the door was slammed in his face, but at others he practically forced the women to listen to him. If the fellow is still in town he should be reported to the police who may be reached by phone 62.

“The contract for the new $18,000 home of the Lawrence Eagles was awarded this afternoon to Wm. R. Carter. The new lodge hall is to occupy the corner at Warren and New Hampshire and will be 117 by 50 in dimensions.

“Are there typhoid germs in the milk furnished Lawrence customers? The state board of health has warned the health authorities against mixing water with milk, until the source of the typhoid bacillus has been determined. The university authorities have advised students not to drink milk until bacteriological tests can be made.

“The World wishes to co-operate with the teachers in the country schools in creating a greater interest on the part of the pupils. To this end the paper will print free of charge monthly reports giving the names of those neither tardy nor absent, those who are honor students, or such information as the teacher may deem helpful in her work. We are all alike and we all like to see our names in print once in a while. If the teachers will send in their reports the World will print them.”


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