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40 years ago: KU alumni express preference for traditional Homecoming

October 26, 2010


A random poll of alumni and fans at half-time at the Kansas University football game showed that they would have preferred the colorful decorations usually present during Homecoming. Students had opted to jettison the usual decorations on housing units in favor of doing community projects, in keeping with the theme of “Relevancy,” but alumni claimed that they liked the old traditions better.

A front-page photo showed Robert R. Green beginning the process of taking down the clock at the old First National Bank at Eighth and Massachusetts. The old clock had chimes which had not worked for some time. Mr. Green was planning to get the clock running again and then possibly put it on one of his buildings.

In an early transition to winter, near-blizzard conditions had moved into western Kansas, with four to five inches of snow falling in St. Francis and Kanorado. However, the Lawrence area was expecting nothing worse than some autumn rains and temperatures dropping into the 50s, with overnight lows in the 40s.

The first Doonesbury comic appeared on this day, showing two of the main characters meeting as roommates on the first day of college.


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