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100 years ago: Naismith, engineers working on plan for new University Athletic Field

October 26, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 26, 1910:

“When Dr. Trimble comes to Lawrence tomorrow he will bring sufficient vaccine to inoculate a small army. How many students will volunteer for the vaccination process in order to achieve immunity from typhoid, is conjectured. The process differs radically from small-pox inoculation and is highly interesting. In small pox, the patient is vaccinated with a living germ, and frequently suffers for days with a painfully inflamed arm. In antityphoid inoculation, dead cultures are used, and the reaction is so mild that the patient suffers nothing more painful than a slight headache.

“Dr. James Naismith has thirty engineers at work on plans for a regular University Athletic Field which he hopes to establish in the near future. It will cover a beautiful twelve or fifteen-acre plot of ground located just south of the gymnasium with the gym as a center. It is expected that McCook field will be abandoned eventually for the new location.

“Herman Weilder, state president of the Kansas Eagles, has perfected plans for the organization of an auxiliary to every aerie in the state. The auxiliary will be known as a Ladies Assistant Club, and will be composed of the wives and daughters of Eagles. It will occupy the same relation to the feathered tribe as the Eastern Star does to the Masons and the Degree of Honor does to the Workman.”


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