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Pearl knew hosting recruits was violation

October 23, 2010


— Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl said details of NCAA violations made public in a letter released Friday were not new to him or investigators.

The university Friday released a Sept. 9 letter from athletic director Mike Hamilton informing Pearl his contract would be terminated because he knowingly violated NCAA rules.

“Everything we’re dealing with is stuff that we’ve known about for a long time,” Pearl said.

The letter states Pearl told men’s basketball recruits and their families that a visit to his home for a team cookout would be an NCAA violation. He also told the recruits and their families he would not tell anyone about the violation and asked they not tell anyone.

Tennessee is under investigation by the NCAA because of that encounter and because of other potential violations, including excessive phone calls made by Pearl and his staff to recruits and coaches signing off on official visits made by recruits to Knoxville that were longer than allowed by the NCAA.

Hamilton punished Pearl after the coach acknowledged misleading NCAA investigators about the cookout he hosted by docking his salary by $1.5 million over four seasons and banning him from off-campus recruiting for a year.

“This is something that we’re going to have to get through,” Pearl said. “I think this will die down. Pretty much everything that I know and that we know is out there.”


KEITHMILES05 7 years, 8 months ago

Pearl should be very ashamed for totally putting recruits in harms way. So what if he "knows" everything now is out there. Just a shameful situation and I have a feeling Tennessee is going to can him and rightfully so. Talk about arrogant.

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