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Education, employment central issues of Kansas House District 38 race

October 21, 2010, 4:42 p.m. Updated October 21, 2010, 6:36 p.m.


2010 Kansas Elections: Kansas House District 38

Anthony Brown, Roberta Eveslage are running for Kansas House District 38.

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Education, employment and the economy are themes emerging in the race for the 38th District seat in the Kansas House.

Republican incumbent Anthony Brown, a Eudora carpenter, is running against Democrat Roberta Eveslage, a retired educator from Lenexa.

Both candidates have spent the last several months reaching out to voters. Brown said he’s found door-to-door visits to be the most effective way to campaign. Eveslage recently sat on a panel of candidates at the Lawrence Public Library.

Brown said several common issues have surfaced during his visits with voters.

“People are obviously concerned about jobs and the economy,” he said. “People are obviously worried about layoffs and how they’re going to be able to keep a hold of their house, plan for kids’ college and all those things.”

Brown believes as a small-business owner, he’s able to identify with those concerns.

“I understand how slow the economy is right now,” Brown said. “We’re in real estate; we buy and flip homes. That’s tough right now.” He added, “My family shares the burden of a tough economy like most of the folks we’re talking to.”

Eveslage said she also realizes the difficulties in the 38th district.

“Education, getting good jobs in the K-10 corridor and taxes, these three things all go together,” Eveslage said.

The retired professor of psychology at Johnson County Community College said she is running for office to help people.

“I have a general concern for humans and I want to do my best to see to it that they get what they need, but I also want to help them help themselves,” she said.

Eveslage said she believes the state’s education system needs more support in order to boost the economy.

Brown also supports changes in education. He would like to see greater efficiency.

“Right now, we lack a standard accounting practice in the state of Kansas in K-through-12 education. We need to know where the tax dollars are being spent and who’s doing the best job spending those,” Brown said.

Eveslage said she has a better understanding of the public education system than her opponent.

“Anthony Brown homeschools his children, so he’s not so much in favor of public education, and I’m very much in favor of public education,” Eveslage said.

The Brown family says they have never home-schooled their children. They have six children in the Eudora public school system.


Faircloth 7 years, 6 months ago

I personally know the Browns and shame on Eveslage to not know her opponent better, his children are in public school....HELLO what else is she spewing nonsense about??? Makes me question if she really knows whats going on in her own District....WOW

texburgh 7 years, 6 months ago

Regardless of where his kids go to school, Anthony Brown's record speaks for itself. He is anti public education, anti worker, and anti women's rights. It is long past time to throw him out of office.

Rich Lorenzo 7 years, 6 months ago

Anthony Brown is a good man. He is for living within our means as a state gov't. He is not for tax and spend. He believes in smaller gov't and less tax burden for the people.

concernedeudoravoter 7 years, 6 months ago

Anthony Brown does not and will not vote to support public education. Previous articles in this and other news sources, such as KTKA (channel 49 in Topeka) had him rated as one of only a few state representatives in Kansas to be given an 'F" in regards to his votes for public education funding. If Anthony Brown has his way, we will revert to a funding mechanism similar to the way it used to be, where district funding will come mainly from local taxpayer dollars and not an equalized system like we have now. This would truly devastate the district his own children are a part of. Prior to the changes in funding, Eudora was one of the poorest districts in the state due to a low tax base. If he truly cares about public education, wouldn't he care about the district his own kids are in.

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