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25 years ago: Police schedule extra officers to work during KU vs. K-State football game

October 19, 2010


Local law enforcement officials were planning to have 25 to 35 officers on the street during and after the upcoming Kansas University football game against rivals Kansas State. The police department’s 4:00 to midnight shift was scheduled to remain on duty until 2 a.m., putting 23 to 24 extra officers on the street during the early morning hours. State Alcohol Beverage Control agents were still considering whether extra agents would be needed in Lawrence over the weekend.

Baldwin’s 28th annual Maple Leaf Festival was getting underway and was expected to draw more than 20,000 visitors in spite of the rainy weather. The Festival had only had rain two or three times in its nearly-30-year history.

Original Coke, which had been brought back as Coca-Cola Classic during the summer after widespread consumer rejection of “New Coke,” was already outselling the new formula nationwide. The Coca-Cola company still insisted that it was standing by New Coke and that it would eventually outsell the old-style Coke.


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