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October 18, 2010


Scott Christopher Weber, 28, Olathe, and Valerie Annette Cole, 29, Olathe.

David Benjamin Guinotte, 30, Lawrence, and Kara Rae Lock, 26, Lawrence.

Zachary Joseph Carter, 26, Lawrence, and Sunny Marie Vequist, 26, Lawrence.

Roderick L. Bremby, 50, Lawrence, and Janet Kay Murphy, 49, Lawrence.

Nicholas Charles Mosher, 28, Lawrence, and Emily Allison Laut, 27, Lawrence.

Jaimes Ryan Perez, 23, Lawrence, and Lauren Elizabeth Fry, 23, Lawrence.

Robert Carl Weinaug, 25, Lawrence, and Amy Ann Whitson, 33, Lawrence.

David Howard Denning, 26, Lawrence, and Sarah Amanda Leslie, 23, Lawrence.

Chase Fordyce Coburn, 27, Baldwin City, and April Michelle Vanover, 27, Baldwin City.

Damien Lamont Shields, 33, Lawrence, and Lori Beth Humphrey, 29, Lawrence.

Mark Alan Miller, 26, Leawood, and Heather Lynn Baker, 26, Lawrence.

John Charles Ralston, 34, Lawrence, and Sybil Elise Jones, 42, Lawrence.

David Alan Swayze, 29, Lawrence, and Sarah Jane Scholle, 28, Lawrence.

Jorge Luis Ortiz, 30, Lawrence, and Sharon Louise Corash, 38.

Shawn Fred Showman, 27, Lawrence, and Carly Christine Tomlins, 24, Lawrence.

Daren Patrick Parrish, 23, Lawrence, and Jenee Nell Lynn, 18, Lawrence.

David Lee Trowbridge-Alford, 25, Lawrence, and Jocelyn Marie Walker, 29, Lawrence.

Oliver Michael Minnis, 30, Lawrence, and Katherine Phoenix Bens-Majerle, 31, Lawrence.

Arturo Jimenez, 22, Douglas County, no city listed, and Melissa Perez Vargas, 16, Douglas County, no city listed.

Matthew Allen Koerner, 29, Lawrence, and Sarah Dianne McLees, 25, Lawrence.

David Lee Stewart, 48, Lawrence, and Lucille Rose Eriacho, 37, Lawrence.

David Scott Mitchell, 27, Clearview City, and Kelly Dawn Lanoue, 35, Clearview City.

Govinda P. Luitel, 30, Lawrence, and Dibyaswori Rizal, 27, Lawrence.

Kubir L. Khanal, 27, Lawrence, and Savitri Rizal, 23, Lawrence.

Douglas William Brenn, 48, Lawrence, and Nancy Breithaupt, 53, Lawrence.

Zachary Rowland Flanders, 25, Lawrence, and Susan Queen Alig, 25, Lawrence.

Jack Isaac Donham, 33, Lawrence, and Jenny Elizabeth McKee, 28, Lawrence.

Mark Steven Strom, 26, Lecompton, and Donna Jean Shoemaker, 32, Lecompton.


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