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40 years ago: Judiciary panel finds KU students not guilty for disrupting class

October 18, 2010


A former Bureau of Indian Affairs commissioner and five other recognized Indian leaders were scheduled to meet at Haskell Indian Junior College to form the school’s first Indian advisory board. The group was planning to nominate potential members, decide on the size of the board and the frequency of the meetings, and determine its functions and manner of operation.

Members of a Kansas University Judiciary hearing panel found both persons charged in a classroom altercation last spring not guilty. A Dodge City junior had accused a graduate student of creating an atmosphere in which the junior was injured after he and others entered a classroom on May 8. The graduate student, in turn, accused the group of disrupting the class and said that his actions were justified because he, as teaching assistant, was responsible for keeping order in the classroom. He admitted to having struck three of the intruders, without physical provocation on their part, after they refused to heed his pleas, demands and warnings that they leave the room.


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