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100 years ago: Lawrence ministers join fight crusading against Sunday baseball games

October 18, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 18, 1910:

“’The people of Lawrence must wake up if we are to have a clean town,’ remarked Mayor Bishop at Council meeting last night. ‘During my month’s absence in the East I have taken pains to look around for pointers to better conditions in Lawrence. I find that in all cities there are baskets and receptacles on all corners, in every park and in addition at all dwellings. The people are obliged to throw their paper and waste rubbish into these receptacles, and are arrested if they fail to use the cans provided for that purpose.’

“That the Lawrence ministers are in earnest in their crusade against Sunday base ball is shown by their activity in inaugurating the movement over the state. Yesterday a movement was started in Salina for a state wide fight against Sunday ball in Kansas. Rev. W. A. Powell, of Lawrence, met with the ministerial association and every minister in the city became interested in his plea for observance of the Sabbath.

“Upon the complaint of the bridge watchman, Chris Hunsinger was arrested last night on a charge of fast driving. The cab man had a fare who wanted to make the U.P. train and the vehicle was driven across the rickety old Kaw bridge at breakneck speed. The old structure shook so the bridge watchman was afraid it was going to collapse.”


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