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40 years ago: ‘Midi’ skirt a fashion flop

October 15, 2010


An Associated Press photo showed the century-old death house at the Kansas state prison in Lansing being torn down. Convicts who had been sentenced to hang had been housed in the building, which was being cleared away to make room for a modern all-faith chapel.

Lawrence motorists were experiencing an average of 15 more traffic accidents and six more injuries per month than for a comparable period the previous year.

Designers had brought the mid-calf skirt, or “midi,” to the stores in time for fall shopping, but it was a nationwide flop so far. Unlike the strong customer reaction to the miniskirt a decade earlier, the early numbers for the midi were rather tepid. The most spectacular failure, according to one retailer, was the “midi coat.” However, there was a trend towards slightly longer hemlines, a compromise between the mini and the midi, which hit just at or just below the knee.


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