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100 years ago: KU seniors told to stop chasing freshmen with paddles

October 14, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 14, 1910:

“When Regents and Student Council clash, whose rulings take precedence? An effort was made this morning by about twenty-five seniors to enforce the regulations relative to the wearing of freshmen caps. That number of upperclassmen equipped with paddles were chasing unruly freshmen over the campus, forcing them to run the gauntlet, and vigorously ironing out the creases in their trousers this morning when Chancellor Strong appeared. The method appeared perilously near to hazing, and the Chancellor immediately ordered it stopped.... It is going to be up to the Kansas Legislature to pass or reject a bill providing for the construction of an asylum for the criminal insane this winter. In the case of a criminal who is found to be insane after the crime has been committed, he shall be sent to the hospital for the criminal insane and if his sanity is restored he may then be tried for the crime with which he was originally charged. That is intended to prevent the practice of the ‘insanity dodge’ by criminals. The hospital will be just as difficult to effect an escape from as the state penitentiary. The guards and attendants will be armed and will have a right to protect themselves and the institution. The attendants at the state charitable institutions now have to deal with many of these criminal insane patients and are not permitted to carry any arms of any kind and are instructed to handle the patients with kindness.”


amrose42683 7 years, 2 months ago

I'm assuming that this is 2 separate snippets from the 1910 Lawrence Daily World ... or an absolutely horrible connection of KU seniors with paddles to an insane asylum!

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