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October 11, 2010


Mark Clayton Turner, 37, Alexandria, Va., and Caroline Anne Williams, 32, Alexandria, Va.

Jameson Philip Swain, 30, Chicago, and Hong Thu Nguyen, 28, Chicago.

Dustin Lee Van Dyk, 30, Lawrence, and Kasey Lynn Stadler, 29, Lawrence.

Aaron Matthew McClacherty Smalter, 28, Lawrence, and Rachel Diana Hall, 27, Iowa City, Iowa.

Nathan Everett Haverkamp, 23, Seneca, and Laura Ann Rottinghaus, 25, Baileyville.

Robert Chester Woolfolk III, 30, Lawrence, and Patience Nicole Maples, 25, Lawrence.

Jordan Lee Farmer, 23, Lawrence, and Denise Marie Laura Kunze, 27, Lawrence.

Joseph Neel Thomas, 28, Lawrence, and Erin Elizabeth Kramer, 24, Lawrence.

Tim M. Harrod, 36, Lawrence, and Michelle Leann Williams, 27, Lawrence.

Clarence Williams Jennings, 29, Lawrence, and Shenah Latrice Stallings, 33, Lawrence.

Alexander Heotzler Sommer, 31, Lawrence, and Raina Beth Vissman, 32, Lawrence.

Jonathan Allen Lore, 26, Marina del Rey, Calif., and Heather Trinh-Thi Nguyen, 28, Marina del Rey, Calif.

Aaron Charles Elms, 35, Lawrence, and Stephanie Lynn Dyson, 29, Lawrence.

Christopher William Shafer, 27, Lawrence, and Melanie Louise Carver, 26, Lawrence.

Michael Richard Smith, 41, Lawrence, and Sonya Nannette Ortiz, 37, Lawrence.


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