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Eudora district sets educational forum on school finance

October 11, 2010


Talk of reforming the school finance law makes Eudora school district Superintendent Don Grosdidier nervous.

“The school finance formula is good. It just needs to be funded at the levels that are adequate to meet the levels of everybody,” Grosdidier said.

Recent budget cuts to schools have reduced the base state aid per pupil from $4,492 to $4,012, and continued funding is a major theme running through races for governor and the Legislature.

To discuss school finance issues, the Eudora district will have a forum open to the public at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Eudora Elementary School.

Since the state started assuming a much larger role in school finance, the Eudora district has improved greatly, Grosdidier said.

“This community has probably benefited as much as any community in Kansas from the school finance formula,” he said. “We are very dependent on the equalized portions of state aid.”

In the early 1990s, the state finance formula was changed to reduce the inequities in funding between property-rich and property-poor districts. Several years ago, under orders from the Kansas Supreme Court, the Legislature changed the finance formula further to increase funding, especially for students at risk of failing.

In the governor’s race, front-runner Republican Sam Brownback has said he wants to change the school finance formula again, but has declined to provide any details. Democrat Tom Holland says that what Brownback has in mind will be a system that will rely more on local property taxes and increase the inequities between districts.

Eudora, with about 1,500 students, is one of those districts that would fall behind if the responsibility for funding fell more on local property owners. A one-mill increase in Eudora would generate about $56,000 in revenue, while a one-mill increase in a more affluent neighboring district would produce $400,000.

Grosdidier said he doesn’t want to go back to the old finance method.

“We’ve made so much progress in this state,” he said. “We rank high in all academic measures. I’m just very anxious about making significant changes on financing and the impact it will have on a lot of us.”


kansasmutt 7 years, 7 months ago

Hey Don, If you would have said NO to the new schools you would have the money to run the district.and teach learning skills. Now you have 3 new schools with fewer students and a whole lot less money to run them.The fancy buildings dont teach kids crap. The foresight in Eudora is very blinded by this "Kepp up with the Joness attitude "

Now the citizens of Eudora are broke from all the new school bonds adding thousands to their taxes each year , and you want another 2 to 4 mills added onto that, you are not a business man, we give you an F on running a school district.

The empty multi million dollar , almost new West Elementry sure looks great sitting there EMPTY costing tens of thousands to maintain each year.It was nice of yall to close Notingham due to the contamination hazard, but open it back up to other kids and cost the distric buzillions too. The new buzillion dollar East Elementry Scool sure looks nice , running at 1/2 full and costing the people of Eudora 4 times what you told them before the Bond Vote to maintain it.. OWH YEA, the maintaining of the new school was an oversight, i forgot.

I say it is time to get ALL new school leaders who have proven business leadership skills.

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