Letters to the Editor

Act of character

October 11, 2010


To the editor:

Last Tuesday night, those of us from the community who attended the weekly City Commission meeting witnessed the discussion of all aspects of the Lowe’s proposal to build on the Bauer Farm property. Representatives from the Lowe’s company, as well as home and business owners in the area, provided their input to the commissioners who listened intently to all sides of the issue.

The Lowe’s representatives gave a compelling presentation on the advantages of their plan to Lawrence and the community. Area representatives against the proposal spoke equally well about how the 150,000-plus-square-foot big box retailer on that site would change the complexion of the area and the problems that would result.

After the open forum, commissioners discussed the issue and ultimately decided to reject the Lowe’s proposal. Each commissioner gave a very concise and reasonable analysis of his position, but in the end, the commitment they had made to the community, to not allow another big box retailer in that immediate area following the approval of Walmart, demonstrated they intended to keep their word, in spite of the short-term benefits Lowe’s projected. The commission was not convinced this financial opportunity held greater weight than their promise to the community.

This demonstrated character! Whether you agree or disagree with the final decision on this subject, we should all be proud to have a sitting commission making decisions for our community like the one we witnessed Tuesday night.

Don and Shirley Adams,



lawrenceguy40 7 years, 7 months ago

It takes real character to turn away jobs and investment in our community! This is another letter sent by people living in comfortable homes, driving nice cars and having plenty to eat. Many of my neighbors live on fixed income and have children without jobs. They sure do not appreciate the "character" of our city commissioners, acting like modern day Marie Antoinettes.

pace 7 years, 7 months ago

what a bunch of hokum, planning, zoning, building codes, If the buck want to be made, short term, long term, they should let it be built in the middle of a church parking lot if the buck wants it there. No shame in bowing to the fast buck. What ever. you should kiss the fast bucks' behind. No city commissioner should consider himself above the fast buck. Bad planning, shoddy oversight of pollution regulations, is good for business and the community. They should also remove all those darn school crossing speed zones, they slow down traffic.

fyrfighter 7 years, 7 months ago

ok, so you were there which means you did not want Lowe's. big deal. I find it real amusing that Walmart forced their way into that area, but no one else can. I get real tired of the city whining about lack of business, but yet every day you read about them not allowing business into "their" city. Yet you spend millions of dollars on a toxic waste site for "business". way to go city commission. you folks need to work for the feds. You have the same mind set.

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