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25 years ago: Arthur Weaver, 91, of Weaver’s Department Store, dies

October 11, 2010


The Army’s replacement for the all-purpose Jeep, the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or MHHWV, referred to by the Army as simply the “Humvee,” was unveiled during a ceremony at Fort Lewis, Wash. The Humvee was described as a four-wheel-drive machine that could travel 70 miles per hour, climb a 60-degree grade and start at 50 degrees below zero. The Jeep was to remain in the Army’s inventory, but would be eased off active duty as the Humvee took over.

Arthur B. Weaver, 91, died on this date in Lawrence. He had been born here in February of 1894, the grandson of Lathrop Bullene, an early Kansas settler. The L. Bullene and Co. mercantile store, established in 1857, had later become Weaver’s Department Store.


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